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CleverLink Advisory Board

Camtu Pham and the CleverLink team are delighted to have people with vision, a broad range of management skills and extensive experience on our advisory board. We thank our board members for their directions, contribution and encouragement. With the support from our advisory board, our team is even more focused, motivated and ambitious to achieve bigger goals for ourselves and our clients.

Below are some of the roles of our advisory board:


  1. Assist in strategic direction, to help shape future business decisions in a variety of areas. These may include marketing, sales, finance, operations, mergers, exit strategies, etc.
  2. Help detect obstacles that block the CleverLink vision or prevent us from achieving success.
  3. Act as a sounding board for evaluating new business ideas and opportunities.
  4. Give us ideas on products and services that CleverLink can provide to existing and potential clients.
  5. Give objective and unbiased assessment of situations as they arise.
  6. Advise how we can best simplify our business processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.
  7. Recognise and eliminate hidden factors that can cost us time, resources and money.
  8. Enhance owner and management effectiveness and help to avoid costly mistakes.
  9. Rounding out skills and expertise that may be absent in the current management team.
  10. To be a centre of influence for networking introductions.

Members of the CleverLink Advisory Board include:

Glyn Gardner
Glyn received his Bachelor of Science (Hon) from University of London and Bachelor of Education from University of Wales in the UK. Glyn has over 20 years experience in educational management and we are delighted to have him as one of our very first advisory board members. Glyn was a client, supporter and special friend of CleverLink since he was the Dean of Faculty of Information Technology, Arts & Media (Wollongong TAFE).  Glyn’s leadership roles at TAFE NSW include directly leading 29 head teachers, 300+ full-time teachers and approximately 400 part-time teachers and 3,500 students.

Glyn has also held managerial positions in sports administration since 1991 and between 1995-1999 he was the Australian Chef de Mission to Brazil for the Australian representative Futsal (indoor soccer) teams.


Mark Van Der Sluys
Mark has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Australian Graduate School of Management and a Diploma of Applied Finance. He has 18 years experience with blue chip multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Sara Lee and Campbell’s Soup. Mark currently owns and operates his own company called Bullion Mark.

Mark  is remarkable in his ability to envision, engage, empower and energise people to execute their ideas and resources with speed and excellence.  With a strong financial acumen, underpinned by outstanding academic pedigree, M Van Der Sluys key contribution to CleverLink is to help us stay focused on our core areas and to ensure we are financially sound for long term growth.

The CleverLink Advisory Board would not have formed in October 2008 without Mark's encouragement!  When Camtu shared her desire to set up an advisory board, Mark said, “You can do it now and you don’t need a full board.”.... The rest is history and a successful story....

Mohamed Haddadi
Mohamed has an engineering degree from the University of Lyon (France), an MBA from the Sloan School of Management, MIT (USA) and is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program.  

Mohamed has an extensive experience in management and has worked for large multinational high-tech companies in Europe, USA and Australia in various management positions such as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Foxboro.  Mohamed is currently the owner of SA Industrial Services NSW and joined the CleverLink board in 2010.

Mohamed was born in Morocco, North Africa, studied in Europe and the USA, and has worked in various positions around the world. He met up with Camtu in Corrimal when they both attended a business course in 2008.  Mohamed is a regular attendee of CleverLink’s Business Expresso Mastermind Group – Camtu was impressed with Mohamed’s integrity, character and skills – and invited Mohamed to join the advisory board and we look forward to working with him.


The CleverLink team is fortunate to be able to have access to the skills, experience and resources the members on our advisory board possess.  Our board members have skills and experience on a global scale or within large corporations but they also now operate their own small businesses.  This combination of large and small operations not only underpins the CleverLink team but in-turn ultimately benefits our clients.  So, whether you and your business are big or small, local or from afar, you will gain from a team that is substantially supported by a well informed and highly experienced advisory board.

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