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Online Solutions

CleverLink offers a broad range of Online solu­tions and ser­vices for small busi­nesses, larger organisations, edu­ca­tional institutions such as universities & community colleges and government agencies.

Our core ser­vices include Website design & implementation, Web & Email Host­ing, E-Commerce Solutions, SEO, Business Automation, etc.
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Website Design & Implementation

A Website is one of the first places your potential clients will go to 'check you out'. Let CleverLink help you establish trust and generate leads 24X7! We can help you with everything from the planning to the finished product – whether your goal is build a new Website or to upgrade with more advanced functions.
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Hosting for Web site & Emails

We provide reliable, high-speed servers and on-going support. Our clients have full access to their hosting server and access to our help whenever they need it. We have different packages from basic to advanced hosting.

This means you don’t need to pay for more than you need - and you can always upgrade when you are ready. All our hosting packages come with a 30 day guarantee and FREE web tools.
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Domain Registration & Management

CleverLink can help you secure your domain names and we can manage them for you! We have a good system in place to ensure all necessary records for your organisation are only a call or email away. Our clients trust and rely on us to manage their domains and look after their IT needs.
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E-Commerce Solutions

CleverLink can set up e-commerce solutions for your business. This may include setting up an Online Store with shopping cart facilities, getting you ready to apply for an Online merchant account with the bank, integrating your account with Payment Gateway so payments go directly into your account.  We can save you money, take the stress out of the process for you and help you get online quickly and successfully. Whatever your e-commerce needs, the end result will be a user-friendly, secure online shop for your customers!
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SEO - Search & Found!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can increase natural traffic to your web site. Good SEO strategies and results come from understanding complex search engine algorithms as well as the aim of the web site, your target, the most powerful keywords and keeping us with the latest and most productive approach.   The CleverLink team can analyse your needs and help you with your strategy and implementation as well as providing on-going optimisation and monitoring the results of your web site.
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E-Newsletter Solutions

No matter where you are with your e-newsletter’s cycle – whether you are thinking of creating the very first newsletter and you need a template or you have already sent thousands of emails but would like a more streamlined approach, CleverLink can help you! We can help you prepare contact lists, create templates and we even have tools for you to manage and track your campaigns.
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Flash Animation

Flash animation can help your organisation get the message across to your audience in an effective, interactive and appealing way. Flash can be used on web sites, DVDs, CDs and it is a great way to convert your videos to show online.  
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CMS – Manage Content

Content Management System (CMS)
Updating web content is becoming increasingly important and CMS is becoming a very popular tool because it enables you to make these changes yourself, without relying on your web designer. We have the latest content management tools for you and they are easy to use! You test drive our CMS tools FREE for 30 days and discover just how much you can achieve.
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E-Marketing Solutions

E-marketing strategies may sound daunting but once you have them set up correctly, they are very “easy to drive”.  This is where CleverLink comes in! We provide online support to help you make the best use of your powerful new business tool. E-marketing can help you communicate with customers to keep them well informed, maintain good relationships and increase sales and profits.

Our tools empower you to create different lists, various templates and even schedule when you want to reach your target, so you can ‘set and forget’. Our E-marketing tools are satisfaction guaranteed and you are welcome to do a test drive for 30 days for FREE!
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CRM – Building Leads

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a MUST HAVE tool for any business. It means you never miss an enquiry because you have access to your contacts from anywhere, anytime! Our online CRM can capture leads via your Website and notify you immediately. Part of any good service is getting back to people quickly and CRM allows you to manage enquiries and follow up opportunities.

Having a CRM solution is not just about making more sales – it can help you streamline your business and nurture relationships with your contacts. If you are serious about your business – don’t under estimate the power of a good CRM! Get a free trial account from us today! It costs you nothing to get a feel of this great tool.
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Business Automation Online

Technology is a good servant if you give it the right commands. Let CleverLink help you automate your business with today’s advanced and affordable technology! Over the years, our team at CleverLink has built many online systems for various organisations.

The beautiful thing is – our clients only need to invest once and the system repeats the reliable results every time year after year. It is like having experienced staff working 24 X7 but you don’t have to pay salary for every transaction. Processes that can benefit from our automation system are: online applications & registration, customer login, gift vouchers, buying & selling online, membership service and so on.
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Databases Development

Most businesses store information in a database, such as product information or contact lists. A well designed database can improve your business in many directions such as increased sales, reduced admin time, creating better relationships with your clients and importantly, it helps your business grow.
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Online Surveys

Surveys have long been an effective way to conduct research. Every organisation wants to use surveys to better serve their customers and improve business, but unfortunately manual surveys are expensive to implement and time consuming to analyse.

That’s where online surveys can help you! An online survey costs very little in both money & time and you will be amazed at how easily and quickly you can access the survey results and get on with using your data to improve your business.
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Online Reputation

Online Reputation Monitoring & Management: Brand protection & promotion
If you care about your own reputation and want to protect your valuable brand – Online Reputation Monitoring & Management will be of interest to you!   With the popularity of social networking, blogging and other mainstream and emerging social media like Twitter, personal and business identity is scattered over the world wide web.

While you can decide what goes on your company website you no longer control what goes online. How can you control what is said about your business? That’s where the right tools and support can help. Keep up with  what is being said about you and your business online – and get the opportunity to state your case or implement ‘damage control’ procedures.
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Open Source Customisations

At CleverLink, we support Open Source software and we have customised a variety of solutions for our clients using software such as Joomla and Moodle, etc. We provide installation, customisation and enhancement services and can host your application as well.
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Marketing & Branding


CleverLink provides high quality visual designs for your business including Logos, Brochures, Postcards, Business Cards, Advertising, Book Cover Design and Stationery.

At CleverLink, our award winning customer service guarantees you always receive friendly, expert service. Let our previous work give you the confidence and peace-of-mind that you are truly dealing with professionals. Our expert design team is locally and internationally trained and this is important as more and more businesses develop a global reach. We are happy to send you an immediate design & printing service price list.
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Look Your Best – Every Time!

Want your printing done on time, with the best quality materials, by someone you can rely on?
Let CleverLink help you market yourself to the rest of the world with our quality printing services. You can rest assured that what you will receive is guaranteed excellent service, the best value and great looking material.

We print business stationery such as business cards, brochures, postcards, books & more! We can help you with both designing and printing or printing only. Expect quick turn-around times & FREE delivery Australia wide! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
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Our clients range from start-up businesses to those listed on the stock exchange. Our job is to help organisations form marketing goals and create marketing strategies. Our in-house team is experienced, capable and qualified and, from time to time, we work with an external team to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

Marketing is such a broad area and no two jobs are the same. Once you let us know what you wish to achieve - our team will show you which options are available to you and guide you through the process. Our team is creative, informative and innovative. Qualities which mean you are ensured high results, low costs and exciting strategies.
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Our clients benefit from our own exciting journey, entrepreneurship and can-do attitude. Since Camtu Pham, founder of CleverLink, launched her book Aim High Fly Fast in 2004 she and her team have now helped many authors to publish their books, and businesses to create their Online Videos, DVDs and CDs etc.

Yes – you can say that we can help you with everything from A-Z when it comes to book and multimedia production.
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Professional Writing

Imagine if your customers, partners, stakeholders, suppliers or your own employees understood your message clearly and responded favourably? Clear and effective communication is a critical element in increased productivity, sales, recognition and ultimately greater success. Clarity, content and precision are the keys to successful marketing communications and at CleverLink, we have the knowledge to help you package your message and apply it in the right areas.

Whether you need web content, a press release, brochures an executive profile or editing & proofreading for your manuscript, when you enlist CleverLink to help with your writing, you will get a message that to informs, persuades and creates interest.
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Speaking & Training

Passing on knowledge is not difficult. However, helping create a desire within an audience that compels them to take positive action is not a result that all trainers and speakers can achieve. At CleverLink, we are confident that we can bring you both!

Your speaker & trainer, Camtu Pham (MCom, B Comp Sci.) can help you achieve exciting outcomes. Camtu has long been recognised for her contribution and success, most recently by being awarded the title of Sydney’s Business Woman of the Year. As a motivational author and speaker, she imparts comprehensive technical expertise and inspires and motivates her audience to action!

CleverLink provides training and seminars for busy executives and staff at all levels. We have short courses or we can make a presentation at your next conference.
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Consulting & Internet Coaching

Having your business online is like having a salesman working for you 24/7. When people hear about your company's product or service, they want information and they want it NOW. And that means ‘online' because as you know, spare time is a luxury that falls less and less during regular trading hours.

Imagine your customer browsing your fresh new Web site, emailing you with questions and placing orders at any time of night or day! And what is so great about having a system that can do this for you? Web based business allows these fundamental processes to be effectively streamlined by automation - through your database.

This ‘virtual office' also gives you maximum freedom when it comes to product range and updating products online. That means more time, more customers and less overheads!
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