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SEO - Search & Found!

Having a good Website is half of the success story. The other half comes from effective marketing so people are able to find you on search engines.


When someone needs to find a solution these days, what are they likely to do? They go to Google and search!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can increase natural traffic to your web site. The CleverLink team can analyse your needs and help you with your strategy and implementation as well as providing on-going optimisation and monitoring the results of your Website.

Optimising your site is an ongoing process that needs constant attention. When a new site is launched, it can take Google anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to even find the site and store it in their database, and then another couple of months for the site to earn a place in search results. Then once your site is up and running you need to update keywords, add new content to boost the PageRank. So be patient.

The playing field can change at any time

The algorithm that Google uses to analyse and rank Websites is not guaranteed Google can choose to change it whenever they want. Websites that dont keep up-to-date with the changes will slide down the rankings and get overtaken by sites that follow the new algorithm. It's very important that your website developer or SEO consultant stays up-to-date with the algorithm so they can advise you or make any changes quickly and keep your site ranking high. If you are serious about your SEO and want to focus on it as a strategy for getting customers, you will need to employ a professional to help you, not only to keep up-to-date, but also to do keyword research, update your content and get other websites to link to yours.

We can help you with:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per-Click Marketing (Google AdWord)
  • Analytics Implementation

Product Name Key Benefits Price (incl GST) Monthly
Clever Search Submit Get Web site listed on search engines $495  
Clever Search Optimise We analyse your Web site and make recommendations $675  
Clever Search Commander Analysis, make the change & monitoring $595 $150
Clever Search Commander lite Same as Search Commander except no links $375 $99
Clever AdWord Management We set up & manage Your Google Adword 4 U $295 $99

Once Off Packages

SEO Packages Available Starter Advanced Platinum
Google Analytics Implementation Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Phrase Research & Recommendations 10 15 20
Competitive Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Preliminary Keyword Ranking Status Report (Top 100 Only) Yes Yes Yes
W3C Validation Yes Yes Yes
Structural SEO Techniques
Create/Edit robots.txt file Yes Yes Yes
Create/Edit sitemap.xml file Yes Yes Yes
Google Website Verification file Yes Yes Yes
Yahoo Website Verification file Yes Yes Yes
MSN Website Verification file Yes Yes Yes
Implementation of Google Analytics statistical reporting Yes Yes Yes
Link Architecture (PR Architecture) NoFollow certain links, footer implementation No Yes Yes
Google Local Business Verification Yes Yes Yes
On-site SEO Techniques
Optimisation of Title, Description and Keyword, alt, canonical meta tags 25 pages 50 pages 75 pages
Search Engine Optimisation of existing pages or creation of additional Search Engine-friendly "landing" pages as required to target keyword phrases 10 pages 15 pages 20 pages
Off-site SEO Techniques
Link submissions PageRank 1-5 50 100 150
Off-site SEO Techniques
Post-Project Keyword Ranking & SEO Analysis Report Yes Yes Yes
Your initial SEO investment $496 $650 $850

Ongoing - Monthly

SEO Packages Starter Advanced Platinum
Keyword Ranking & Analysis Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Monthly SEO Suggestion Report No Yes Yes
On-site SEO Techniques
Implement Additional SEO Friendly Landing Page No 1 2
Off-site SEO Techniques
Link submissions PageRank 1-5 100 250 400
Post-Project Keyword Ranking & SEO Analysis Report Yes Yes Yes
Your initial SEO investment $150 $195 $250
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