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Following are comments from some of our clients:

Cleverlink has done an excellent job on the new school website. The product
does what we want and has the built in capacity to serve our need for years
to come. The services we received was quick and responsive to our unique
needs. The job was on time and in budget.

Ms J. T. Barnier
Principal Elizabeth Macarthur High School.
Waterworth drive Narellan 2567

Dear CleverLink,

“Thankyou for producing our business cards last month, its great to have a service provider we know we can count on … we requested an urgent design & delivery of our business cards for a seminar that we had organised.  

The design you came up with was fantastic and the cards arrived within the week just in time for our seminar on the weekend.  It saved our professional image (imagine not having the cards to give out at a seminar), all due to your team's great communication and care for our urgent needs.

Once again, thankyou and we promise we will give you plenty of notice for the next order.

Anton Hamer
Plan Assist Pty Ltd
23 January 2008

Dear Camtu & Chris,

Just a quick email to say thank you very much for the service you provided me with today. It's always a pleasure to be served by friendly smiling faces willing to help! Thank you also for your kind words of encouragement about my new business venture. It is that I keep meeting more and more great people like yourselves since I have been connected to this business. I look forward to doing more business with Cleverlink in the future.

Anthony Killeen
Link Performance

Camtu and her team at “Cleverlink” have supplied me with not just a web site but the whole package – logos, letterhead, brochure and business cards. The end result is great with each of the components linking together to form a cohesive entity.

I have found working with “Cleverlink” easy and informative as they have provided me with invaluable knowledge and direction in both a friendly and professional manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Camtu and her team to others.

Trish Bartlett
Trish Bartlett Resources Pty Ltd.
13 August 2007

Hi Chris

Thanks for the follow up. We are very happy with the banner and that you were able to have it ready for us to use on Friday. Your website was helpful as it gave me info and helped me contact you. the people I dealt with were all great.

Keiraview Community Preschool
28 June 2007

Hi Camtu

Your team have really done a great job on this one. Please congratulate them for me.

Thank you for your company's expertise - I am very happy.

Cheers from Pete Miller
Communication Coach and humorous Master of Ceremonies

15 March 2005

Dear Camtu , Mel and all at Cleverlink,

Many thanks for your expertise in providing the Website for At Natradee Wedding Advisory and Giftware. The personal attention and customer service we received was exceptional and still is,in all follow up questions and answers. Everything was completed on time.

I Know we now have one of the best if not the best Wedding Service Web Site and it is with great pleasure that I recommend Camtu and all the team at Cleverlink to anyone considering their own website or even someone wanting to update their current website.

Once again Many Thanks Camtu. Have a great day.

Darilyn and the girls
At Natradee Wedding Advisory and Giftware

03 Feb 2005

Dear Camtu & the team at CleverLink,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with us to produce a great new website. So many of our customers have praised our new Pauline Books & Media web site particularly for its functionality and speed, and have also commented on its good look. It is now a site that they take pleasure in visiting and find a breeze to use! As always, it has been a pleasure to work on this project with you.

Sr Joanna & the team at Pauline Electronic Publishing
on behalf of the Daughters of St Paul


Hello Camtu,

I just wanted to thankyou for the quality website you’ve put together for us. It has made a big difference to the type of customers we are attracting and I’m proud to direct people to it.

Kind regards,

Andrew Spiers

Dearest Camtu:

How wonderful to receive your email and the notes of the celebrations of your 5th year in business. I am so PROUD of you and all that you and your team are doing for the area and for your customers...you are such an achiever.

Love ya work...and have a great day!

Rob Salisbury
Strategic Resources International Pty Ltd


I have seen our website ranking on the Google search engine. I am delighted to see that we are number 2 for "ducting" and "flexible ducting" in Australia. That is very good!! We are also ranking 5th or 6th for both products on the global search, I am very impressed!

Roger Marriott


Please also view the Speedlock reference letter

Hi Camtu,

I have been into the personal profile Web page and it is working like a charm. Congratulations to you and your team on a magnificent job.

Bob Jones
Senior Lecturer
Dept of management, university of Wollongong


“Thanks for helping us with web site, which has received a fantastic response. We are extremely happy with the outcome. The response from our customers and from many staff members is that the site is dynamic, colourful, very well structured and most importantly easy to navigate to find relevant information quickly”

Grant Jacobs
University of Wollongong Recreation & Aquatic Centre Ltd


Please also view the reference letter

Dear Camtu, Elysia, Kian and all at Cleverlink,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderfully professional and helpful service over the past year. It has been wonderful to have such a knowledgeable team of workers on my side. I am very grateful for all of the help, which you have given me, above and beyond what I could have hoped for.

Thank you all once more,

Cheryl Morell
Crystal Cave Natural Therapies

Dear Camtu and the team at CleverLink,

I want to thank you for the quality website you put together for our online magazine Echoing the Word. The website looks great, is easy for our readers to browse and use, and is very functional. The administrator end is particularly useful and powerful, making it easy for us to produce and manage the online magazine. Apart from the quality of the magazine's content, many of our readers have commented on the quality of the website itself, and how it is a pleasure for them to visit and make use of the site.

Sr Joanna Coleiro
and the Team at Pauline Electronic Publishing

Your customer service has always been excellent and I have always been very happy with the quality of the hosting. Thanks again for your help and quality product.

Rob Werner


I have had a number of people who have expressed their delight as to the speed and ease of maneuverability of our web site.


Lindsay Kelly
General Manager

Please also view the Speedlock reference letter

"The Webpage www.ahauchi.edu.au is our 'Flagship' resource - designed BRILLIANTLY by Camtu and CleverLink! (It looks stunningly professional & members should be justly proud of it) - & I intend to promote it like crazy to our members over the next few weeks/months."

Edwina Barton
Executive Assistant AHAUCHI National Office

"Members have witnessed the enthusiasm Camtu applies to the operation of CleverLink. An open mind to changes in the market appears to be the catalyst of Camtu's success, along with her outstanding customer service skills"

Written on the SWAP Small Business of the Year Award

"The contribution made by Camtu Pham does deserve special mention. As the project manager, she was responsible for coordinating the diverse resources that contributed to the successful outcome of this exercise. Throughout, Camtu performed in a highly professional and diplomatic fashion, steering the project to completion inside the allotted time frame and budget."

Chris Edmondson
Head of strategic Planning Unit
University of Wollongong

"We were particularly impressed with the high level of customer service provided by your organisation during the project. In all our dealings with you, the level of professionalism and the way you made an effort to listen to our needs was outstanding"

Terry Kofod
Project Manager
Illawarra TAFE

Please also view the reference letter

"It's good to be working with you - the personal service is really appreciated!"

Mary Ryan RSJ
Executive Officer
Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia

“Your strategies, contacts and project management style were invaluable to the UniCentre. I was most impressed with the number of internal and external organisations that you were able to seek and secure support from for the SLBD programme; including Austrade, AusIndustry, Australian Industry Group, Department of State and Regional Development, Illawarra Business Chamber and Illawarra Area Consultative Committee”.

Chris Patton
Wollongong Unicentre

Please also view the reference letter

“A short note to thank you for the very professional job that was undertaken by the CleverLink team on the new Success Stories web-site and business cards.

From the time that I made my initial enquiry, through to ideas on logo design, colours, web site content, development draft, and onto the online completion of the site, I was highly impressed with your teams creativity, professionalism and client focus”.

Bob Owen
Success Stories

Please also view the reference letter

“I am writing this letter in appreciation of your pioneering efforts at the University of Wollongong, in setting up the very successful UniCentre Student Leadership & Business Development Programme”

I am envious of your personal networking skills, and hope that I can continue the many excellent business relationships that you have set up for us. I know that not only have the participating students benefited from this programme, but also the University, many Illawarra businesses and the community at large”

Tony Elshof
Coordinator-Wollongong UniCentre

Please also view the reference letter

Testimonials for Camtu’s speeches and seminar

Dear Camtu,

Thank you for your email. I must say that I was quite inspired by your
enthusiasm, achievements and goals you outlined at the Forum on 9 April 03. I have
started putting some planning ideas together for us and we will also
have our first Business Review Day at the end of this month.

Camtu, thank you for the inspiration and I will definitely keep in touch.


Leonie Searle
Narellan Pools


Testimonials for project management

“I am happy with the report and impressed that the project was completed in time, within budget and met all the objectives required.”

Chris Brink.
Vice Pro-Chancellor, University of Wollongong
Chairperson, HPC Illawarra Regional Committee

View photos of CleverLink's Clients and read their comments about our services.

Sr Veronica McCluskie sgs
Executive Officer

Narelle Clay (AM)
Chief Executive Officer
Mitta Mining Testimonial
Russell J Kelly
Wombat Gully Mitta Mitta

Trish Bartlett
Trish Bartlett

TB Resources

Career surfing
Tracey Freeman
Illawarra Skills Shortage Taskforece
Greg Burford
Greg Burford
General Manager
ID Zone
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
Kelly Speech Communication
Professor Peter Corroll
Professor Peter Carroll
Head, Department of Management
University of Wollongong
Bob Owen
Bob Owen
Success Stories
Ainsley Collins
Ainsley Collins
Illawarra Small Business Club Coordinator
Tony Elshof
Tony Elshof
Centre for Student Development
University of Wollongong
Chris Patton
Chris Patton
General Manager
University of Wollongong
Diana Nestorovska
Diana Nestorovska
Golden Key International Honour Society
University of Wollongong
Tina Chin
Tina Chin
Marketing and Communications
Real Estate Institute of
New South Wales
Terry Kofod
Terry Kofod
Project Manager
Website Project
Illawarra Institute of Technology
Valerie Kelly
Valerie Kelly
Trade Commissioner
Warwick MacMillan
Warwick MacMillan
Regional Manager, Illawarra
NSW Department of State and Regional Development
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
CPA Illawarra Branch
Lindsay Kelly
Lindsay Kelly
General Manager
Speedlock Ducting Pty Ltd
Grant Jacobs
Grant Jacobs
(on behalf of the URAC Team)
University of Wollongong
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